When I was 9 years old, my Dad sent me to Germany to visit my Aunt with a 110 camera in hand and I fell in love with photography, particularly portraits and landscapes. Since then I’ve photographed brides, babies, business leaders, musicians, architecture, products, US Senators, NY Fashion Week, and places of beauty and magic in distant lands, earning certification as a professional photographer and NYIP certification in travel photography along the way. I’m so grateful to my Dad for having inspired a lifelong passion for photography.

If your firm needs product photography or location shots or staff portraits – or all three – we’ve got you covered. 

If you need a portrait that rises above but aren’t feeling particularly photo-worthy at the moment, you’re in good hands. With skillful lighting, styling, incremental refinements with every batch of photos, and expert retouching, you will be proud to post your portrait on all of your social channels.