Pokemon Go is bigger than twitter!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go, the location-based augmented reality game that takes users outdoors to battle Pokemon characters, is bigger than twitter! In just seven days since the game was released in the US, Australia and NZ, Pokémon Go has exceeded Twitter’s 65 million American users, and the game’s servers have repeatedly crashed under the strain of its popularity. Want to get a jumpstart on the game? Check out these 14 tips.

Google/Facebook Advertising Strategy

Google AdWords vs Facebook Ads

Should your business use Google AdWords or facebook Ads? Depends on your goal. If you want to get people straight to your website to buy your products, use Google AdWords. If, on the other hand, you want to build an email mailing list (with a free offer such as an e-book) or build brand awareness, use Facebook. Why? People use google to search for things they need, such as a chiropractor in Brooklyn, or stylist in Berlin, whereas people go to facebook to socialize and so are more likely to react to a soft offer.

3 tips for quickly creating and posting video footage to your social media channels

3 tips for creating and posting videos

If timeliness is more important than high-end video production, you can quickly create and post video footage to your social media channels. There are many options: 1. use your computer’s webcam to record a video to upload, 2. record a video message on skype (as an mp4) and post that, or 3. *easiest of all*, use your cell phone to record a video and post directly to youtube, facebook and other channels. It’s a great idea to save all your videos to your own channel on youtube and use youtube’s fast ‘share to social media’ feature. CLICK HERE to see an example of a skype video recording captured on a laptop. It was quick and easy and had none of the shaky footage you often get with a cell phone. The trade off is the low audio quality.

Time-saving and workflow tips for an integrated social media platform

integrated social media platforms

Many businessnes using social media struggle with time and workflow issues. Creating or curating content can be time consuming, but so can the act of posting that content to the various channels. To have  a steady stream of content available when you need it, consider creating an editorial calendar. Get in the habit of saving good content that you come across – or that you create yourself – to a folder organized by month or holiday or topic, so that you have relevent material to post throughout the calendar year. To save posting time, consider using Hootsuite, which allows you to post to all channels simultaneously or individually so that content appears when viewers are most active on each channel.