Beating Cancer

My dearest, sweetest daughter, Elise, was diagnosed with cancer just five years after her Dad had passed from cancer. She had standard of care (surgery, radiation, and chemo), which made her so weak and sick she could not eat or walk on her own. But she also had integrative care from Dr Keith Block, a pioneer in fighting cancer on all fronts, Dr Neil McKinney, who wrote the encyclopedia on naturopathic oncology, Dr Erin Singh, disciple of Dr Nasha Winters who cured herself of stage IV ovarian cancer at age 19, and Dr Raymond Chang, formerly with MSK, who offers cutting edge cancer therapies from a variety of disciplines, as well as my sister, Lisa Mair, a Health Coach, Nutritionist, and Functional Medicine Practitioner. Together, we implemented an anti-cancer diet, protocol of repurposed meds and anti-cancer supplements, exercise regime, daily massage, and other healing modalities. I had poured over dozens of cancer survivor and integrative cancer care books such as Beyond the Magic Bullet: The Anti-Cancer Cocktail, Life Over Cancer, The Metabolic Approach to Cancer, How To Starve Cancer, Chris Beat Cancer and many others, and scoured to find treatments that were effective for cancers with Elise’s tumor markers and mutations, and discovered agents that rivaled chemo’s efficacy without the horrific toxicity. Although the journey was terrifying, the good news is that her MassGen oncologist had never seen a tumor shrink more quickly, and the tumor has remained scar tissue since 2020, thank God. She can walk again and even play volleyball, and is back in school earning all A’s. I plan to write a book about our experience to help other parents navigate treatment options beyond standard of care.