Full-time Student Once Again!

As a life-long learner, I’m thrilled to be a full-time student again. I’m taking Travel Journalism with the British College of Journalism, Memoir Writing with the London School of Journalism, Visual Marketing with SMMU, Video Storytelling and Travel Photography with NYIP, as well as Masterclasses in filmmaking, writing, and comedy with Werner Herzog, James Patterson, and Steve Martin, respectively. (James Patterson apparently has a funnybone…he introduces himself as Steven King.) Pleased to report I’ve just passed the Travel Photography exam and portfolio review with flying colors! (See my portfolio here.) A big shout out to FAUSA for their fantastic educational programs!

Derelict amusement park in Berlin

We toured Spreepark, an abandoned amusement park in Berlin. It is a strange place with a bizarre history. The owner attempted to smuggle 167 kilos of cocaine from Peru to Germany in a ride (he served 4 years), and thieves have made off with dinosaur heads and even a swan boat which they took on a nighttime joy ride on the Spree River. Among the relics remaining in the park, a ferris wheel spins in the wind, a giant lockjawed cat snarls from the undergrowth, and an old theater sags in the clutch of what looks like a giant metal spider.


Favorite new words: tsundoku and puggle

As I prepare to write a book about our round-the-world travels, articles about new words are of particular interest. For example, a NYT article featured tsundoku, a Japanese word for a stack of books that you have purchased but not yet read. As The Guardian reports, 300 new words have been added to the official US Scrabble dictionary, including sriracha, aquafaba, beatdown, zomboid, twerk, sheeple, wayback, bibimbap, botnet, emoji, facepalm, frowny, hivemind, puggle and yowza. I love the food-related words, such a bibimbap, a Korean rice dish, but the cutest word has to be puggle, a dog that is a cross between a pug and a beagle.

Ominous exhibition in abandoned iron foundry in Berlin

We saw Räume 2, an exhibition in a cool, abandoned iron foundry in Berlin. We started exploring in a section with somewhat ominous pieces by Simone Haack, and that set the mood as we wandered into a dark storage room behind a woman who literally disappeared into the darkness. Was she part of the exhibition or a visitor like us? We didn’t know. My daughter rose to the occasion and photographed her friend in a manner befitting the vibe (last photo in this series). The girls were like detectives figuring out what titles belonged with which installations and what they meant. I loved the light that pooled in from high windows, the decrepitude, dark spaces, high ceilings, old wiring and fuse boxes, and especially the enormous rusted tanks on stilts and the ancient Spectrolab computer, which had figures burned into its screen from a calculation performed long before my daughter was born. Reminded me of one of my favorite shooting spaces in my hometown.


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Chatuchak antiques market in Bangkok, Thailand

My daughter and I are in Thailand where we visited the famous, sprawling Chatuchak Market and where I experienced déjà vu. Before our trip, I’d produced a video on antiques sourcing at Chatuchak for the inimitable Toma Clark Haines, the Antiques Diva. The place is a giant, bustling maze, and I can now say from firsthand experience that you need an expert to find the real treasures.

Um, would you like a mint?

OllmannCreative is proud to have improved relationships and boosted romance throughout Berlin. How, you might ask? By designing this bilingual, multimedia website for Berlin’s Bad Breath Specialist. http://www.sprechstunde-mundgeruch.de/ Given that this is an embarrassing subject, Dr Grinfeld’s appearances in the media are quite entertaining – particularly the episode of Sag die Wahrheit (Tell the Truth), where studio guests had to figure out who the real bad breath expert was in a panel that included two imposters. To watch the show, visit the site and click on In the News.

Elizabeth Kang Art launches new website

OllmannCreative supports the arts! Check out https://elizabethkang-art.com‘s new website and learn how she draws from her heritage and disciplines such as l’écriture automatique, calligraphy, German Expressionism and American Color Field Painting to create her artwork. I especially love her Equivalency Paintings, in which she reinterprets her experience of masterpiece High Rennaissance Venetian paintings in dazzling color stripes! Stayed tuned for her new gallery opening at IBEB in December 2017, where the Elizabeth Kang Art Project will bring together a community of like-minded creatives to promote positive social change through discourse and the arts.

Typography Matters

In a major snafu, the wrong winner for the category of Best Picture was declared at the 2017 Academy Awards. As this freeCodeCamp article speculates, if the Academy had paid more attention to typography, they might have prevented this embarrassment. Typography is the art and technique of arranging type to make written language legible, readable, and appealing when displayed. We typically read from top to bottom, so key information – in this case, Best Actress – should be at the top in a large font, and the winner’s name should also be larger than the movie title to make clear that this is about the actor not the movie. Most people aren’t overly concerned with typography, but paying a little attention to the sizing, positioning, and weight of text even in every day documents can help make information more understandable – and even avoid snafus.


V-Day Performance at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

To a packed audience at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy House of Arts & Culture, Berlin’s American Women’s Club performed Eve Ensler’s award-winning play, The Vagina Monolgues. Directed by Molly Moylan Brown, the performance was funny, moving, lyrical, heart-wrenching, eye-opening…in a word, spellbinding.  All proceeds went to Terre des Femmes. To see more images by OllmannCreative, click here.