If a picture is worth a 1000 words, a video is priceless. Products and services spring to life in video, and individuals can effectively convey trustworthiness, expertise, humor, attractiveness – you name it! – in video. Video is an increasingly important tool for all aspects of business. Business coaches, schools, chefs, yoga instructors etc are making a profit selling video courses online, and marketers are offering free video how-to’s to entice people to sign up for mailing lists. In the event of a recall or crisis, CEOs are posting video messages to reassure customers and stakeholders. But perhaps most importantly, as youtube has become the world’s second largest search engine, having a youtube presence is a business must. OllmannCreative helps in all aspects of video production, from idea generation, to storyboarding, to filming,  to post-production, and social media marketing. Given advances in technology, video production no longer requires big ad agency rigamarole or budgets.

Click below to view a 70 second video slideshow highlighting the declicious specialties and sleek ambiance of Any Sushi Berlin:

Click to see a 15 second teaser ad for IVOIRE, a luxury handbag designer:

Click below to watch a 1:22 minute overview of fashion, wedding, portrait and travel photography from, our sister website: