Susanne Ollmann is the founder of Ollmann Creative, a one-stop shop for branding and marketing, with expertise in content creation, social media strategy, photography, videography, graphic design, and digital advertising.

She’s passionate about powerfully and artfully conveying an organization’s unique strengths to boost the bottom line or advance advocacy goals. She’s helped launch the AARP brand in Asia, elevated the brand identity of the world’s largest antiques touring company, boosted international association memberships, and worked with many individual firms, successfully launching an online health start-up by producing a year’s worth of video content, tripling the patient base of a clinic, quadrupling the contracts for a construction firm, and much more.

In a previous role as an international trade specialist, she distilled complex scientific/trade issues into clear, succinct language to advocate for improved access to medicines in Asia and Europe.

As a mom, she spent a thousand hours in pubmed researching novel treatments and drawing upon the expertise of integrative oncologists and health coaches to create a protocol that helped her daughter heal from cancer.

Susanne holds a Master of Science in International Business Diplomacy from Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service, Bachelor of Arts in English and German, Associate’s in Graphic Design, Diploma in Freelance Travel Journalism (BCJ), and is Certified in Professional Photography (PPA), Certified in Social Media Strategy (SMMU), and Certified in Video Storytelling and Production (NYIP).