3 tips for quickly creating and posting video footage to your social media channels

3 tips for creating and posting videos

If timeliness is more important than high-end video production, you can quickly create and post video footage to your social media channels. There are many options: 1. use your computer’s webcam to record a video to upload, 2. record a video message on skype (as an mp4) and post that, or 3. *easiest of all*, use your cell phone to record a video and post directly to youtube, facebook and other channels. It’s a great idea to save all your videos to your own channel on youtube and use youtube’s fast ‘share to social media’ feature. CLICK HERE to see an example of a skype video recording captured on a laptop. It was quick and easy and had none of the shaky footage you often get with a cell phone. The trade off is the low audio quality.